Services Hotel Hanu' Berarilor

Hotel Hanu' Berarilor Bucuresti - sala de mese


The hotel has 16 modernly furnished and newly refurbished rooms equipped with LCD TVs, mini-bar, air conditioning, hair dryers and unlimited internet access. Upon request we can provide you with an extra bed as well as breakfast. Their cost are not included in the room rate.


The restaurant is one of the best Romanian restaurants in Bucharest. A place that you can rarely find in today's Bucharest. A place where sitting at a table is a habit, not a need. A place where you can taste the best dishes alongside this jolly liqueur, that the world name it, beer. If you want to have a good time or party at the restaurant you have to come! It is a huge place with 800 table seats, the dishes are for all tastes, and the cellar is always full.

On request we can also provide shuttle service for round trip / return to the airport / hotel